Jindra Lacko

I discovered fly fishing in my mid twenties, when I grew too old for serious white water kayaking but did not want to leave the environment of mountain streams. I found fly tying soon afterwards and never looked back since.

I like working with simple natural materials, such as hare and CDC - purely synthetic materials seem to me to lack any soul. As for fishing I enjoy pursuit of wild fish in wild places, with a dry fly if possible and nymph if necessary. The species most dear to my heart is Grayling, the lady of the stream.

Two tiers who influenced me the most in my beginnings are Mirek "Buko" Malek and Tomas "Tomucha" Vitek. Much of my understanding of angling entomology I owe to my friend Milan Putz. I post updates on my fly fishing and fly tying related activities on my blog http://graylingonfly.blogspot.com/


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