Babu Chiiri (Long Tail)

Originator: Vidar Egilsson, Fly: Vidar Egilsson, Photograph: Hans Weilenmann

Hook: Ken Sawada SD3 #12
Thread: Benecchi's 12/0 ultra fine red
Tag: Oval gold
Tail: Purple Artic Runner/ Purple Twinkle
Rib: Oval gold
Body: Flat Silver Tinsel
Throat: Purple Marabou
Wing: Red Pearl, 2 pices, Black Artic Runner to the end of the tail
Head: Red
Once there was a man, named Babu Chiiri. He was a Tibetan guide on Mount Everest. When I was tying this fly, I heard about his death, but he had climbed on the top of Mount Everest 11 times before he died. I wanted to name this fly in memory of him.

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